Training and Coaching

Once the coffee shop is operational, we continue to stand alongside the business and we support the owner with training, practical coaching and feedback.

Running a coffee shop business required in addition to business skills, catering knowledge and skills also. Both the owner and his personnel are trained and coached in these skills.

From our experience, we help the business man and his staff with training and education in various areas, like:

  •  Catering. At least basic hospitality skills and high customer service are needed to run a coffee shop. Training is very important to support the owner and his employees in this. For this we prefer local training institutions. If necessary we use knowledge from the Netherlands.
  • Quality and service. We continue to meet this need and monitor the service to improve quality constantly.
  • Barista training. A good barista training is essential to make and serve good coffee. Coffee of good quality  is the distinctive feature for this business, the quality has to be good. If possible, we enable local trainers and training institutions.
  • Finance. We offer financial controlling and guidance to help the business owner to control its business and achieve future plans.
  • Coaching. On a regular basis we offer help, verification of the quality and implementation of plans to improve the business and grow the quality. Here, too, we stand besides to the entrepreneur.

Coffee Foundation