Start a Coffee Shop

The Coffee Foundation supports local business men to start their own coffee shop. Where necessary we support them from the initial idea and concept to completion.

Many developing countries has great  opportunities for businesses to flourish. We encourage entrepreneurial young people to get started with their idea and help them to implement their idea within the possibilities of their country and community.

During design and implementation it is important to take into account the local conditions, needs and possibilities of the country and population.

Together with the business man, we investigate the possibilities and implement their ideas into a business. Of course we write their ideas in a business plan from which we design the business. Within the whole process we constantly keep our eye at the feasibility and sustainability of the coffee shop from out of the local resources.

Even if the coffee shop is already running, we continue to stand alongside the owner and we support him with practical training and coaching. For this we ask a contribution of annual earnings, to cover the costs.

Coffee Foundation