At the step from business plan to implementation, we help the business man to make the right choices and within the framework of his plan and budget to shape and design the coffee shop.

  •  FurnishingsWe are looking for a sleek, modern designed interior that fits into the local culture and within the budget.
  • Corporate identity. All choices we make must fit within a corporate identity that is consistently implemented. At the creation of the corporate identity are included  issues like appearance, colours, name and logo. A coffee shop of the Coffee Foundation has a quirky recognizable appearance with an eye for the local culture and environment.
  • Products. A coffee shop not only sells coffee, also other foods and beverages that fit into the local culture in order to achieve complete range of products are sold. Coffee is the main product, which aims to achieve a recognizable (Western) coffee product and to drop a (new) coffee culture.
  • Equipment. From experience, we know what you as a restaurant owner needs to sell a high quality product. We help the owner to find and use the right equipment and materials to create good quality coffee. Possibly we import a professional coffee machine and required products from the Netherlands.

Coffee Foundation