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316 found new locatie

Dickens Owina from 316 Coffee House in Kitengela near Nairobi in Kenya has found a new location for his coffee shop. At 500 meters from the main shop is a suitable shop available. The shop offers plenty of space and there is running water. Because the location is right off the main street, many people come along and the visibility is good.

The shop is located on Balozi road near to Leleshwa Inn, a well-known hotel in Kitengela

316CoffeeHouse upgrades beverages

316CoffeeHouse upgrades beverages

After working hard for a couple of months, Dickens was able to upgrade his range of beverages and included a Good Morning Take away into his assortment.  Besides running his coffee shop and learning to be a Barista, he has become a father also. At the end of May his wife Patricia delivered their son Jospeh. A strong and healthy boy, who will be his father’s pride!

As you can see Dickens is becoming a real Barista and is selling the best coffee town already. People can order all kinds of beverages at 316CoffeeHouse, hot and cold.  And now they can have coffee in a take a way cup.

316 coffee house 316 coffee house

316CoffeeHouse opens!

 316CoffeeHouse opens!

This week at March 2nd, 316 CoffeeHouse in Kitengela opens her doors!

After our visit, a week of hard work an a day of training, the shop is ready to open the door for customers and sell the best coffee in town.

Dickens an Patricia are running the shop and will sell coffee varieties and juices.

We are happy and grateful that we had come to this point so this dream is established and they can work on growing this business and their dream.

316 Coffee House 316 coffee house opens! IMG_2988

Transport Coffee Machine

Transport Coffee Machine

Today (5/2/2015) the new coffee machine for the 316 Coffee House in Kitengela, is shipped to Nairobi.

Falcon Logistics helped us to organise the transport with Etihad airfright. The day after tomorrow, February 7th 2015, the machine will arrive in Nairobi, to be transported to Kitengela.

We also shipped tools, a grinder and a water purifier. So it is a complete set for making espresso’s!

February 18th we will fly to Kenya also, to install the machine and train Dickens to make the best coffee in town.

Registration and Logo 316 Coffee House

On July 2nd 2014 the 316 Coffee House is official registered at the ‘Registration of Business Act and Rule’  in Kenya by the manager of the Coffee House.

So now we can say that the 316 coffee house is an official company and exists. Dickens did a great job and worked hard in order to achieve this goal.

He also made a new logo, registered an email address ( and updated the facebook page.


316 coffee house logo