Business plan

Step one for starting a business is to set up a business plan. We help local business people to shape all the ideas and capture these ideas in a business plan.

We help them through a first draft of a plan, practical input, advice and review.

Parts that are covered include :

  • Market research. Questions that are covered are: Is the idea  feasible in the region, which products will be sold, who is the target population, what is the pricing strategy, etc.
  • Budget. We assist with the preparation of a budget for the implementation, so it is known how many resources are needed.
  • Financial operational planning. Before the start of the coffee shop, we will help to set up a financial operational planning, showing whether and when the business will turn profitable.
  • Initial capital. We support the entrepreneur with finances and help him in finding capital in the form of a loan, micro- credit, etc.

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