The board of the Coffee Foundation consists these people.

– Albert KunnenAlbert

Albert is married with Alida and father of  five sons. He has more than 20 years experience as a  consultant and (interim) manager at the IT business. The last five years  Albert is focussing on small businesses, development work and started his own business in Coffee.

I like to use my knowledge and experience to support young (potential)  entrepreneurs in developing countries to start their own business, so the local economy is stimulated and established. In my role as a business coach, I also like to help people get to know Jesus and to follow Jesus in their everyday live. Both aspects are for me the basis to build a better world.

Albert is chairman of the foundation and responsible for  the vision and mission.


– Hans KleinleugenmorsHans

Hans is married and father of 7 children at the age of 34 tot 18 years, he is grandfather of 8 grandchildren also. Hans worked for nearly 40 years at healthcare functions, including training coordinator, trainer, policy making, complaints officer and quality officer. Hans now enjoys his early retirement.

I see a great opportunity in the mission and vision of the Foundation in a very practical way, to support (young) people in developing countries to build their own life, so they will have the opportunity to show and live the love of Jesus Christ in their social network. I really like to help achieve this goal, by working for the Coffee Foundation.”

Hans is secretary and responsible for communications and public relations.


– Gerard Mouw

Gerard is married to Betty, father of seven children and grandfather of two grandchildren.
He has worked  over 35 years in the administrative sector in various positions with accounting firms, businesses and as self-employed.
The combination of support and stimulate business activities and the propagation of the gospel appeals to me.
In close cooperation, with mutual effort to generate an income for people who need this assistance. At the same time work on the expansion of the Kingdom.
To this I would like to deliver a contribution

Gerard is treasurer.


– Muin Wassink

Muin is the father of 1 daughter and 2 sons, he also is grandfather of two granddaughters. Muin has from his 18th experience in logistics. He is co-owner of a courier company.

I want to help, to make discipleship practical, by helping with job creation in developing countries, causing poverty and hunger in the future, disappear. And also by encouraging people to live with Jesus every day to discover what real freedom is. These two objectives fit into the vision of the Coffee Foundation.

Muin is general board member and responsible for logistics.


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