316 Coffee HOUSE

The 316 Coffee HOUSE  is realized in Kitengela in Kenya. Kitengela is a suburb southwest of Nairobi, capital of Kenya.

Kitengela is a city that is developing rapidly and where they built many houses and buildings. Much agricultural land is sold by the local Maasai population for urban development. Many families settle in Kitengela. Most of the time (one of) the parents work in Nairobi. The suburbs of the city are accessible by new modern railways and several railway stations.

Kitengela has many daily commuters who travel by car or by public transport to Nairobi. Young people in Kitengela have little mutual contacts, because they no longer live in their own familiar surroundings because of the move of their parents. So they have to make new friends.

In collaboration with a local pastor of a new church and a young entrepreneur, the Coffee Foundation started the development of a coffee shop in the center of Kitengela. On July 2nd 2014 the 316 Coffee House is official registered at the ‘Registration of Business Act and Rule’  in Kenya.

The 316 Coffee House focuses on commuters and the youth of the working and middle -earning population.

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