Coffee Foundation

The Coffee Foundation is a Dutch foundation that supports entrepreneurs in third world countries, to start and operate a coffee shop as their own business.

Our goal is to boost the local economy and to enable entrepreneurs to successfully start and develop a catering company. So they can provide themselves in their livelihood, and also to create jobs for more people in the region.

The Coffee Foundation wants to serve only good quality coffee (the best in the regionalongside other local products and beveragesWith this concept we want to introduce a (Western)  coffee culture with an eye to their own local and cultural aspects.

The services and products are tailored to local demand, economy and culture and enhance the self-esteem of the country, the community and entrepeneur.

The Coffee Foundation provides practical help, support in planning, providing training and financial assistance to the starting entrepreneur. We provide support in the whole process from the initial idea to realization. Thereafter during the operation of the coffee shop,the  Coffee Foundation remains to stand next to the entrepreneur.

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Coffee Foundation